The Town Hall

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15003, The Town Hall, 2859cps 



This set came in 3 numbered bags, each number bags have huge number of pieces. 


Building Process

Like any of the building modular, we are building it out floor by floor on top of 32 x 32 stubs base plate. It’s a solid build with a lot of features, I absolutely enjoyed the time I put this together.  


First Floor

First floor is the tallest floor with a lot of features built-in, it’s very interesting that we get to build the foundation of this floor, because podium is much lower than the first floor. It’s also interesting how it is using window element to raise up the floor. 



When we walk in the door, there’s black and white tile floor that leads us to 3 directions. Stepping down the stairs, there’s a podium, its wild open with huge wall of glasses. To the left of the tile floor, there’s a statue and an elevator door. To the right, it’s an office with office supplies.




In the front of the building, there are 4 giant portico and the well-designed façade. I love how they use croissant as a part of the town hall’s sign.  


Second Floor

Taking the elevator up to the 2ndfloor, there’s a secretary greeting guests when the door opens. Making a left turn, there’s a green/tan/blue carpet in the middle of the room and fence on the left where we can look down when there’s a ceremony going on. Head up, a green door to mayor’s office, it doesn’t have much in it, only a office desk, a lamp, a picture on the wall and a chair for visitor. 



The front of 2ndfloor is using 2x2 window elements to make up 4 sets of big windows, looking through them, we can see everything inside. There are flowers outside of the windows, adding a bit color to the building. 


Third Floor/the Clock Tower

Taking the elevator one more time to the 3rdfloor, it’s the same design as 2ndfloor, and it doesn’t have much to it, except for a conference desk, couple plans and a globe. 



Climb up the stairs to the roof and the clock tower. The clock tower is well structed, I wish the bell can swing around. There’s also a ladder where the janitor can climb up and clean the clock tower. In the back of the tower, there’s two light courts.  






The Town Hall is a solid, tall, and very detailed building, I enjoyed every second building it. 

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