Sembo Block McDonald's

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Sembo block 4-in-1 McDonald’s, 1729 pcs, $75.49


First of all, I was impressed by the quality of the bricks, its smooth and durable, pieces fit perfectly together, during this build, I had no issues, it was a pleasant and fun build.

Instruction Manual

This set comes with 2 instruction books, they are well-printed, it does a better job than Lepin to present the color. Book 1 will walk you through 4 different small modular, and book 2 will walk you through the two-storage building as shown below. 


Since the modular color theme is red and yellow, there are a fair number of red pieces, but no worries, my method is to separate them by bricks, plates, flat tiles or whatever method works for you better. The critical factor is a BIGGER table.

Building Process

First smaller modular is a one storage building with a billboard. The billboard sign is my favorite, it has so many details to it, especially the hamburger, its well-executed, it shows vegetable, bread and meat padding pretty well. There are 3 spot lights, for those who are interested in LED light, making those spot lights light up might give it an extra vibe. 

Next up is another smaller modular with rooftop, its slight taller, it features gain windows, welcome sign, and a rooftop dining area, there’s no stairs, not sure how they people going up there. 


gain windows can see what is going on inside

Next up is the McDonald truck, it’s like a small creator set, there’s not too many details except for the sliding windows on front row, and the back-door fold down.

Next up is the fancy McDonald ice cream store with an outdoor sitting area and a playground.  

It has a chandelier hanging from the roofThe playground has a seesaw and a kid ride?

Size comparison of all 4 smaller modulars

And last but not least, the giant McDonald’s building. It’s basically the combination of 4 smaller modular, when you disassemble them, make sure you keep some of those elements as is, such as the wall, the billboard, seesaws and more. 

This building is absolutely beautiful, it has glass window everywhere, the McDonald’s logo is bit much, because I used them all. 

This building has a revolving door, it’s my first time seeing it on a building, which amazed me. It also has the usual desk and chairs, and the design of staircase is nicely done, nice color combination, and even the handle. 

2nd floor is pretty much repeating the first floor, but we can finally hook on the LED lights that comes with it now. The book suggests us to take the led off and connect them later, I found it difficult to do so, so I left it on. 

As for the rooftop, it’s a pain to build the balcony railing, the instruction wants us to put all the red pieces first then the black pieces, it will be easier to put red and black then repeat that step. 

The way they reusing that chandelier is bit weird, not sure what it is doing on the rooftop. 

use 'McDonald' to get couple dollars off this set 

3 Comment(s)

chue yang:
26/06/2020, 10:39:57 PM

Hi, i was wondering if you have that instruction manual in PDF form. If you do, can you email it to me? I have been looking all over for it. Thanks in advance.

30/11/2020, 12:40:30 PM

Please if you had found them let me know

martine Penin:
27/07/2020, 08:55:05 AM

bonjour,pouvez-vous s'il vous plait me procurer le manuel d'instruction 6901 sembo block.d'avance merci .Mme PENIN.

30/11/2020, 12:39:41 PM

I'm looking for pdf instruction. I've received this without the books and it's impossible for me build it :(

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