The Downtown Diner

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Set Number 15037, The Downtown Diner, $95


The Downtown Diner has been on my wish list for a long time, although its $30 dollars more expensive than another’s, but the beautiful Streamline moderns architectural style, the rich colors, and abstraction of natural forms to a colder, machine-like aesthetic filled with perfect curves, horizontal lines, and metal, just caught my eyes. 



The set came in 5 numbered bags, sorting them out is much easier, make sure you have some containers and a big table 


Building Process

Like any of the building modular, we are building it out floor by floor on top of 32 x 32 stubs base plate. 


First floor – The Diner

The floor is a classic black and white checkered tile floor with grey sidewalk. The diner is detailed: classic red soft booth, ketchup and mustard on the table, heater, kitchen, diner bar and the huge curved wall of windows, which is one of my favorite parts of this building.  


Diner Sign

The rounded marquee is nicely designed, with dark green and pink sandwiched between thicker white layers, which is a great detail that adds visual interest. I love how the designer uses tons of 1 x 1 brick and plates to build this marquee, it’s also causing an issue where I spent a lot of time to line them up.


As for the Diner sign, its well-executed, I was wow the whole time, and admire the designer’s thinking. 


Second floor – The gym/boxing ring

The gym/boxing ring on the second floor has a few nicely constructed pieces, including boxing ring, the punching bag, the bench with weight, dumbbell rack, and a water dispenser. The punching bag is hanging from the wall, and move just like the real punching bag. The box ring is made out of red tile and 8 bars holders with clips. The staircase gives the perfect wrought-iron feel. 



Third floor – The Recording Studio

The interior gives me a relax feel, it features a recording booth, mixing board, cocktail table and a waiting area with chair and table. The acoustic panels are awesome, it captures exactly the feel of a recording booth, although the microphone looks like a steering wheel to me. There are few records on the wall. 


The Roof and the Pink Cadillac 

The pink Cadillac is like a tiny creator set with a convertible, a detailed grille and a swooping tailfin. 




The building’s cornice is an interesting approach, it was confused to build first, but the result is very nice. I also love the rounded roof with a rocket on top, and the light court with a stick, the stick keeps the window open, it’s a well done. 



I absolute love this set, there are so many little details that I can stare at all day long. 

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