Spray Paint Red McLaren P1

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20087, McLaren P1, $107


First of all, huge shootout to the creator Bruno Jenson, the guy is a genius. He created something that made me ‘wow’ the whole time, all the parts are well-connected in an ingenious way. 


This is not a regular review for the McLaren, rather a ‘how to’ guide. 


My technic collection grew over the years, so far, I have an orange Porsche, a black and red Porsche, a blue Bugatti, and a green 24HR racing car. I do not want to have another car in Orange, so I had an idea: I have an unopen red spray paint lying around the house, why not spray paint the orange parts red?!


Here’s what you need: 

A full red spray paint 

White/grey primer (optional)

Clear coat 


Bamboo stick with clips



Here’s what I did:

  1. Clip smaller parts to the bamboo stick by the holes, we want the surface of those pieces to be painted, not the side that connects to another elements. 
  2. One coat of primer, I only had half grey bottle, I’d suggest using a white primer, or no primer at all, those pieces with primers turned out to be darker red.
  3. One coat of red paint, make sure do not spray too much on the surface, that will result a thick layer of paint. 
  4. One coat of clear coat to protect the paint
  5. For bigger piece, I put then on top of a card box and sprayed them evenly 
  6. When the red paint dries up, put a layer of clear coat to protect the paint
  7. Let the parts air out for a day!
  8. Start put car together. 

This is what McLaren looks like after first assembled, it was hideous!


Then I disassembled them as a big piece, the hood, the back piece, some of those smaller panels. And this is what it looks now: 


use 'McLaren' to get couple dollars off this set 

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