Detective's Office

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15011, Detective’sOffice, 2262pcs



This set came in 4 numbered bags, some big containers and small ones are necessary. 


Building Process

Like any of the building modular, we are building it out floor by floor on top of 32 x 32 stubs base plate. 


First Floor

First floor has two separated room with table pool table room on the left and a barber shop on the right. 


Pool table room is very detailed, it features a working fan on the top, tan and blue tile floor, a cute pool table with billiard balls, a trophy, and extra pool sticks on the wall. 

Walking through the open archway, there’s a barber shop, it features a rotated chair, mirror on the wall, washer and sink, and couple hairstyles behind the window, there’s also a chair and a barber sign outside the shop, well execution!



Second Floor 

Walking up the stairs and you will find the detective’s office and a restroom. The detective’s office has a safe with valuable evidence and a concealed wall compartment with a love letter, an office desk full with documentation, a lamp and a rotational chair. If you look closer on the news paper, it says The Lepin News : ) 


On the right-hand side, it’s an adjacent bathroom, featuring a classic full-chain toilet and a staircase to the top, which is a fully-equipped kitchen and roof terrace



The fully-equipped kitchen has a stove, roller pin, cabinet, a dining table, and entrance to the roof terrace. Right after we open the door, we can see a gain water towel and a light court.



There’s a secret tunnel where people is smuggling sweets under the open archway into the pool table room while there’s a secret door slides open.



Extremely detailed modular building, each floor has its own story going on, and the whole building is also telling a new story. Use ‘detective’ to get couple dollars off this set. 

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