Yellow Motorbike

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Winner 7071, Yellow Motorbike, 402pcs


My 2nd Winner Technic set, absolutely loving it, the yellow motorbike reminds me of Honda moto compo.


There are two sheets of stickers, one for the bikes, and another one is just for the mirrors

Still great instruction manual with accurate size guide 


The axel is a lot better than Lepin, as well as all the gears, they are smooth and doesn’t have fractions like Lepin. It’s smooth and easier to inset it into any connectors. There’s event tip on the correct way to connect gears. 



There was a small issue with the handling bar, where the connector pin is not holding well, to fix it, apply super glue to connection end, wait for it to dry, we want to add another layer of coat to it so it reduced the spacing when its connected, and hold itself in place. 


Overall, the bike is very detail and very solid, it holds up together really well, it has everything a real bike has. The engine also works when we move the bike back and forth, small piston is pumping, making it more realistic IMP.


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