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911 GTR Black Porsche|MOC

Whats included:1.1 GTR 911 black porsche.2.1 manual.3.LED Kit(Optional)...



THE AWD BENZ G500 WAGON this moc technic set available for 2 versions: motorized and non-motori..


Green/White Porsche 911 Targa | MOC

Green/White Porsche 911 Targa2 open doors, truck and hood, comes with PDF instruction manualImportan..


Honda NSX 90' Mk1|MOC

A reproduction of an iconic car from the 90’s : the honda NSX type 1 featured V6 fake engine with re..


Jeep Wrangler|MOC

Modern Jeep body on a non-realistic chassis. Parts list contains extra parts for some options such a..


Lambo Centenario |MOC

Available For shippment 1.not produced by factory, bulk bricks 2. this modal doesn't comes with..


MOULD KING 13067 ICARUS Supercar | MOC

MOD KING 13067 Veneno Roadster TECHNICS / 1932 PIECESThis MOD KING 13067 Veneno Roadster&n..


Nissan GT-R|MOC

The set is in production Coming SoonNissan used the eve of the New York auto show to launch the..


R8 V10 Second Generation|MOC

Scale: 1:10Weight: 1480 gParts: 1839Features:- All wheel drive- Working 10V piston engine- Working s..


The Caterham Seven 620R | MOC

The Caterham Seven 620R MOC / 849 PIECESAImportant Note on Shipping & PackagePacked with&nb..


The F1 Racer In Green | MOC

The F1 Racer In GreenMOC / 564 PIECESAImportant Note on Shipping & PackagePacked with prote..


The Liebherr LTM11200 With RC | MOC

The Liebherr LTM11200  With RC | TECHMOC/ 7705PIECESThis is a MOC Technic fully RC version of t..


The McLaren 570S| MOC

THe McLaren 570SMOC/ 2818PIECESThis Mclaren 570S building blocks and bricks set includes the fo..


The Nismo Nissan GTR R35 | MOC

Set is bening produced in bulk [To make it affordable]The Releasing date will be updated shortly,Sta..


Volcano RS Supercar|MOC

The bodywork is inspired from the Aston Martin Vulcan and the Icona Volcano.  Car Features..